Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Watching the Republican Convention

I am watching the Republican Convention this week, starting tonight. Right now I am listening to television commentary about the Convention.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis says that McCain will "lower your taxes and give you more choices for your life".

Did Sen. McCain do enough vetting on VP candidate Gov. Sarah Palin? Did McCain make an "impulsive" decision? As I have written, there have already been many controversies about Gov. Palin, including the pregnancy of her 17-year-old daughter. Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama says that children of candidates should be off-limits, and that his mother had him when she was 18.

The theme of this week's Republican convention is "Country First".


Matt said...

It was a stellar convention! Palin was awesome. I know you feel likewise :D.

Teleprompter said...

I thought Palin and Huckabee did a reasonably good job, even though I disagreed with them.

McCain stumbled, Giuliani was nauseating, Romney was an arrogant son of a gun.

Palin was annoying but highly effective. I give her some credit for McCain being slightly ahead in the national polls right now.

I like Huckabee, not politically, but as a person. He seems like someone I would know, like a community leader or something. Not a wealthy prick like Romney or condescending and snide like Giuliani. I like Mike Huckabee.