Saturday, September 6, 2008

Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace, Part Two

I am going to include some enlightening quotes from this book which I have introduced to you:

"The farther we travel down a certain path in life, the more that path shapes us and affects our heart and spirit. If we set our foot upon the path of darkness, we will walk into darkness. If we set it on the road to light, we will walk toward the light. It is a fundamental law of the human heart."

"With each passing day, and each refusal to seek reconciliation, we become more callous and closed to the possibility of reconciliation. And the wound caused by the injury becomes more and more a part of our being. If we seek healing, it is true that the wound still may become an awful scar. But at least life goes forward."

"Our lives brush clumsily against the lives of others. A wrong word, a rash action -- these are as much a part of our lives as the caring gesture and the loving touch. We are all guilty of them; we all receive them. There is no surprise when they come, issuing forth either from us against others or from others against us. The only surprise is that we never ceased to make such errors and that we have such difficulty forgiving them when they are committed against us by others."

More quotes will be coming in the next installment.

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