Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace, Part Three

As promised, here are more quotes from Kent Nerburn's book "Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace". These quotes are about faith:

"Sometimes we must be satisfied just to touch the cloak of God -- to brush against great spiritual truths with our own spiritual gifts, however humble they may be."

"Faith is the great leap across the chasm of the unknown into the uncertain darkness. It is the capacity to step with confidence where there is no knowledge, to move forward in the darkness toward the light, however small that light may be."

"When we show others that we, too, struggle with doubt but continue to walk forward in faith toward that distant and unfathomable light, we meet them in the shadow of their uncertainty and bear witness to the worthiness of their struggle. We strengthen their courage to reach out for the cloak of God in their own way."

"We must witness what we can and point that witness toward the light of God. Feed the hungry, comfort the lonely, visit the sick, assist the fallen -- whatever it is that we can do to increase the light of goodness, that is where our witness begins."

For our next installment, we'll be covering despair.

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