Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sweet Band Names Usher in Blaze of Glory

Just in case any of you are musicians, here are some killer names for your new group I've come up with:

-Architects of Modern Physics
-Swan Song of Blood
-State of the Union
-Devil's Advocate
-To Be Announced (really, anytime someone hasn't scheduled a band yet, they'll think it's you...think about its potential)

You know what would be really great? A parody of John McCain written by a musician named Emcee 'Cain. Wouldn't that be completely awesome?

"If there's terror in the house -- Emcee 'Cain!"
"Do you want a man or mouse? -- Emcee 'Cain!"

I heard a few weeks ago that Barack Obama's favorite song is "Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones. Not a bad choice, except that the song references rape, murder, and lyrics such as "war, children, it's just a shot away." Not such a great thing to draw attention to if you're an aspiring President...and not the best way to connect to "middle America" voters. Sure, you may like the song, as I do, but do you really want to remind Americans of the skeletons of the Vietnam era? We all know exactly what happened to the last Presidential candidate who did that...John Kerry...who was defeated.

John McCain's campaign says that he is a big fan of the artist Usher. Right. I'm sure John McCain is a huge fan. Come on, really? I'd pay to see John McCain listen to Usher. Actually, it'd be priceless.

Have I mentioned that I love Rep. Robert Wexler (D., Florida)? Anyone who is vaguely familiar with the show The Colbert Report will know exactly what I'm talking about. But just as importantly, Wexler is a strong voice on issues of the environment and holding the government accountable for its actions. Congress's failure to exercise its basic duty to monitor and restrain the Executive Branch is one important reason why the American people have lost even more faith in Congress recently than they have in the Bush Administration.

If any of you are fans of Brad Neely's George Washington video, I feel obligated to tell you that he also has a hilarious video about JFK. It's not on YouTube, so you'll have to go to Search under "JFK" or "History Lesson No. 1".


Brennan said...
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Nicholas Lockwood said...

I heard that McCain was a huge fan of ABBA, and that "Take a Chance on Me" was one of his campaign themes.

Robert Wexler is also a leader in the movement for impeachment hearings regarding both Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. Unfortunately, his fellows don't seem very receptive.