Thursday, August 28, 2008

Salutation and Introduction

What is this wondrous series of tubes I spy?

Before I proceed to arbitrarily dump material on these tubes, I feel that a (somewhat) brief introduction is necessary.

I am a poli. sci./history major/aspiring writer.

This is a place for me to note my random thoughts and observations that occur to me. I will attempt to explain why I am writing these down.

To begin with, "Teleprompter" is kind of an Internet alias of mine, in an ironic sensibility. I view it as the culmination of the gaping disconnect between politicians and average citizens that the teleprompter has become the hallmark of the governing class. Between the politicians who are out of touch with the needs of typical American citizens, and the civic ignorance of most Americans, the teleprompter stands as the ultimate symbol for the current dysfunction of our democratic process in the United States.

I believe in the power of the average citizen to stand up for justice. I believe in the power of comedy to reveal and demolish hypocrisy, lies, and double standards. I strongly believe in the ability of a few well-reasoned and able citizens to come together to affect change when it is so desperately required.

This will certainly not be limited to the serious; this will certainly not be all about politics. This will be about living and life in general, slapstick and sarcasm and satire. I may note some things of interest that happen to me, or memories that are lodged in my psyche, or notable things I observe.

Most of all, I just hope someone will read this. Welcome!

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