Thursday, April 28, 2011



present an issue clearly and concisely

get a new perspective

probably just a lunatic

maybe that means trouble for me

a more interesting connection there

short and to the point

reject everything up to this point

can I give a more spirited defense

a certain product of history

a critical eye to the reasons you believe

very illuminating

stay on board

standing alone

on a metaphysical plane

closer to the real world

a better idea for life

actual life-happenings

because it’s easy and simple

so much more than that

take it and expand it

so many aspects of life

very abstract principles

life is like a box of chocolates

come to terms with reality

become silent and face our own existence

what if I were one of these thinkers?

in what way would I have responded?

culturally ingrained in us

we have to understand why

reactions and responses

something very different than what I was exposed to


it goes back farther than that

I was shocked

I’ve got thick skin

you’ve got to be able to dish it out as well as take it

now it sounds like bullshit

real convincing

don’t start throwing things at me

it’s got its good and bad things

the nuts and bolts

probably my fault

a springboard to rant


focused on a specific period and a specific grievance

very frenzied

stops and starts

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