Tuesday, April 26, 2011

a double value...a figure paradoxical

"a double value...a figure paradoxical"



revolting against what's happening

grab the truth in that moment

can't verbalize it

different views

desire to come to the truth

a bold undertaking

forever and as of this morning it hasn't been resolved

you can't grasp otherwise

unveil a secret to something that you can't have

can't explicate it in words

make preparations

the teacher says my appointed time is near

truly I tell you one of you will betray me

you have said so

this is my body

poured out for many

fruit of the vine

drink anew

bring into the present

with his right hand

hands have to be washed

there's so much here

a whole process

raising the body above the earth

holy and pure

let me just interrupt you

going to be assaulted

my appointed time is near

not a regular guy

heavens opened up

you've experienced the future

touched eternity

part of a greater drama

at the same time

that resignation

belongs to a higher truth

a new truth

I'm just coming up with this now


all these conflicting forces

gestures lead the eye

we have a new truth in the universe

the whole world is coming into that truth

let's go onto the next

when you come into it

it overwhelms you

we look at it as outsiders

give me an insight

you said absolutely nothing right now

no deeper meaning

you have your tension but it's not fulfilled yet

coming close but not quite touching

the truth versus the betrayal

a love-hate relationship

what do they have in common?

participating in a drama which is going to give God to mankind

two wires just about to touch and set off a spark but they don't

that's as far as I can see in this

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