Monday, April 18, 2011

an illusion retained in shadow as to a moment unborn

"an illusion retained in shadow as to a moment unborn"

despair and hope

always together

blood and new life

this side is lighter and that side is darker

participate in the passion

co-existence of despair and hope

blood, death, and life

open to redemption

darkness into light

death passes into resurrection

despair comes into hope

it is now real

the end of darkness is not darkness

you have life after death

this is what I think

heaven is already present

a single truth

between life and death

articulated in different dramas

it's the same truth

collapse into it

it's already happening right now

it's even stronger

this is it

everything's pushed towards you

you are encountering this and becoming part of it

absorbing those who look upon it

* This is another found spoken word poem, which I have composed this time courtesy of Professor Gershon Greenberg and his Meaning and Purpose in the Arts class, from lecture and discussions of April 14, 2011. The same other stipulations which I mentioned as a footnote to my last found spoken word poem apply here.

** The title of this poem is an excerpted sentence fragment from Leo Steinberg's essay of artistic criticism about Leonardo's Last Supper, "The Seven Functions of the Hands of Christ".

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