Friday, September 30, 2011

Links From the Wilderness: 9/30/11

Greetings! I am starting a new blog series called "Links from the Wilderness". Occasionally, I will post links to political stories and columns that intrigue or infuriate me, along with my best snark. Enjoy!

Barack Obama really does not know how to be President. He doesn’t know how to lead. He’s doomed. What the hell is he thinking? America’s “gone soft”? That’ll go over about as well as Phil Gramm’s “we’re in a mental recession” comment did in 2008.

The political paralysis of seemingly every government in the world right now is beyond staggering to me.

What a hunk! That Rick Perry! And people say conservatism isn’t an anti-intellectual philosophy. Perry will “teach” ‘em.

What was it that Boehner said awhile back? “A stronger government is a weaker American people!” Objection: a weaker government is a sicker American people.

Many Republicans generally don’t believe in protecting the weakest and most vulnerable among us, but they do believe in protecting them from the right to vote.

If I believe in anything in this vast, indifferent Universe…I believe that this headline speaks for itself.

Michael Kinsley and Eugene Robinson.

Answer? No. This is disgusting: not Christie’s girth, but the gall of these “reporters” for making Christie’s weight an issue. Kinsley and Robinson show their ugliness by rolling around in the muck in this story.,-but-not-for-thee?via=blog_1

Charles Koch thought Social Security and Medicare were good enough for Friedrich Hayek, but apparently it’s not good enough for us.

Paul Krugman’s still tired of trying to reason with you people.

The Affordable Care Act: the law nobody knows about. :(

Income inequality tears at the fabric of universities. But who is surprised? Universities exist to serve an elite Establishment, not to teach people how to think and live for themselves, or even to “educate” people.

Let them eat cake! (Let them drink champagne!)

That's all for today, folks! Come back next time for another installment of "Links From the Wilderness". This progressive is outta here.

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