Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Brand New Poems

I have composed two poems in the past week which I believe some of my readers may enjoy.


the expression in your face

innumerable complexities comply

in the inherent order of systems

unknown to unsophisticated observers

reflecting upon the impossible

probabilities begin to resolve

understandings between us deflected

beyond the level of first impressions

dictate confusion and deception of appearances

consist of mere summations

present that which cannot be reconciled

acknowledged unrevealed depth

lurking near every thing formed

in ignorance which cannot contemplate

the feelings residing there


what frame can possibly support

the structure of narratives

society envisioned

individual interactions

never cease mingling

I may never stand out

of the way of contemplation

let alone

by my own perspectives

hesitate to be assimilated

by the viewpoints created

through our collective minds

enslaved to a reality

brought forth under subversive thoughts

propose demolitions of all windows

smashed and broken misconceptions

replaced the caresses

falling toward those who are willing

to follow the leap of imagination

bursting through the only obstacle

remaining is not breaking free

I'd really appreciate any constructive feedback you may have. Thanks!

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