Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber

Need I say more?

He is clearly the next Bruce Lee of the plumbing industry.

I mean, really, how does it feel right now to be..."Joe the Plumber"?

It can't possibly be as bad as having to be "Joe Sixpack"...but at least "Joe the Plumber" is a real person. I'm glad there's no such person alive to be Joe Sixpack...bearing the stigma from Palin's association would be a terrible ordeal.

See, Gov. Palin doesn't even represent real people. As in, actual people who exist.

She just makes up make-believe people. No wonder she's out of touch.

But John McCain, Sen. McCain, he cares about real people.

People like...Bill Ayers. Sen. McCain cares a lot about Bill Ayers. He talks about him all the time. Well, actually, McCain just said not so politely in this debate that he doesn't care for Ayers. Well, so much for that.

McCain cares about people like...Jeremiah Wright. Well, at least his supporters seem to. They've kept mentioning him over and over again.

McCain cares for people like...Cindy McCain. Right?

If he is elected, no matter how low his approval ratings may fall, he'll always have the support of his wife.

Then again I imagine, Laura Bush has already asked her husband President Bush if he could please come up with some new kind of coherent plan for alternative energy. She said, "I know you love to clear brush for use as a domestic energy source in Crawford, but I'd rather have you stick around the house and stay out of trouble."

Oh, and I believe that fictional exchange between George and Laura is a paraphrase of Calvin Trillin. I keep thinking that I may have seen some kind of joke that resembled this before.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Joe the Plumber
Er Sam the Handyman
Who really cannot afford to buy his bosses' business
And who has a lien on his house because of unpaid taxes
And who will BENEFIT under Barack Obama's tax plan
Who is related by marriage to Charles Keating
And who wasn't vetted in the least by the candidate who chose to put this important last-chance debate to share his story with the American public on this poor Schmoe (er Joe, er Sam)

I am sorry for all the real hardworking plumbers of America because this guy wasn't vetted by "Grimace"

Mrs. Ronald McDonald

Anonymous said...
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