Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yet Another Poem: penumbra


whoever has eyes

glistening when immersed with light

steps crossing every path taken

one by one sounds and sights cascade

whoever has ears

echoing the vibrations of a multitude

voicing the interactions

in every wave of reaction

voicing the interpretations

let them see

each discordant note

recording the interdependence

conducting all perceptions through all others

conceive mere chaos

set movement into motion

let them hear

each particle drifting

diverse elements colliding

matters become but do not remain solid

understandings comprehend the mixture

underpinning every formed perception

lies among infinite shadowy traces

Friday, October 2, 2009

Another New Poem: sacrament


breaking this body

I've dared to share

all vulnerabilities align

far better possibilities

allow chance

to overcome paralyzing insecurity

overwhelming my body

crying out for acceptance

expecting honesty

the highest form of intimacy

destroying the exterior

pulses of sensation

never feeling but merely felt

dejected ignored desperations

signify the only solution

beginning when you embrace

each mangled tinge of doubt

this in the remembrance of me